International Network

PoP Moves is a global network that seeks to connect popular dance scholars regardless of national or linguistic affiliations. We are continually developing our use of online technologies and schemes such as Addressing (Im)mobilities to make this possible. For purposes of organising physical events and face-to-face peer support we have found it useful to cluster into ‘nodes’ organised pragmatically around regional and linguistic affiliations. We happily welcome new nodes as well as envision potential reorganizations as our network grows. If you would like to propose a new node, please contact us via the Contact page.

The map below shows the global spread of PoP Moves committee members and the nodes they are affiliated with. Click on the stars to visit the relevant node pages. (To achieve this functionality we have had to use the Mercator Projection, but recognise the political issues of global North and South representation that this raises)

International Network with markers Placeholder
International Network with markers

International Committee

Chair of PoP Moves International

Dr. Clare Parfitt, University of Chichester...

PoP Moves Americas

Chair of PoP Moves Americas

Dr. Elizabeth Bergman, Arizona State University...

PoP Moves Australia/Australasia

Chair of PoP Moves Australia/Australasia

Dr. Elena Benthaus, Lecturer, University of Melbourne, Australia...

PoP Moves Francophonie

Chair of PoP Moves Francophonie

Dr. Laura Steil, Traveling Faculty, Anthropology, School for International Training, Brattleboro, USA...
Bboy dancing

PoP Moves UK

Chair of PoP Moves UK

Dr. Clare Parfitt, Reader in Popular Dance, University of Chichester, UK...

PoP Moves Dance Studies Association Working Group

Chair of the PoP Moves Dance Studies Association Working Group

Dr. Jen Atkins, Associate Professor, School of Dance, Florida State University...

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PoP Moves Committee Members:

  • Dr. Clare Parfitt, Chair of PoP Moves International; Fundraising Sub-Committee (IRIE! dance theatre; University of Chichester, UK)
  • Dr. Bridget Cauthery, Treasurer of PoP Moves International (York University, Canada)
  • Dr. Elena Benthaus, Chair of PoP Moves Australasia; Chair of the Peer-Mentoring Sub-Committee; Social Media Sub-Committee (Naarm/Melbourne, “Australia”)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Bergman, Chair of PoP Moves Americas; Fundraising Sub-Committee (Temple University, US)
  • Dr. Celena Monteiro, Chair of PoP Moves UK; Peer-Mentoring Sub-Committee (Kingston University, UK)
  • Dr. Laura Steil, Chair of PoP Moves Francophonie; Chair of the Social Media Sub-Committee (University of Paris 8, France)
  • Dr. Jen Atkins, Chair of PoP Moves DSA Working Group; Peer-Mentoring Sub-Committee (Florida State University, US)
  • Alex Quinn, Chair of the Website Sub-Committee (University of Roehampton Alumna, UK)
  • Deanne Kearney, Secretary of PoP Moves International (York University, Canada)
  • Dr. Julie Malnig, International Committee Liaison (New York University, US)
  • Dr. Laura Robinson, Treasurer of PoP Moves UK (University of East London, UK)
  • Dr. Serouj Aprahamian, Website Sub-committee (York University Alumnus, Canada)
  • Arpita Bajpeyi, Peer-Mentoring Sub-committee (York University, Canada)
  • Prof. Sherril Dodds, Peer-Mentoring Sub-Committee (Temple University, Philadelphia, US)
  • Jazelynn Goudy, Website Sub-Committee (The Boston Conservatory, US)
  • Dr. Alex Harlig, Social Media Sub-Committee (Ohio State University, US)
  • Dr. Dara Milovanovic, Peer-Mentoring Sub-Committee (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)
  • Eve Robertson, CIC Taskforce (York University, Canada)
  • Samantha Usher, Fundraising Sub-Committee, Website Sub-Committee (University of Roehampton Alumna, UK)
  • Elizabeth Anaya, PoP Moves Americas (University of Alaska Anchorage)
  • Dr. Melissa Blanco Borelli, PoP Moves Americas (University of Maryland, US and Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
  • Omari Carter, PoP Moves UK (London Contemporary Dance School, UK)
  • Dr. Sally Crawford, PoP Moves UK (Addict Dance Academy, Leicester, UK)
  • Dr. Elina Djebbari, PoP Moves Francophonie (Paris 8 University, France)
  • Dr. Rachael Gunn, PoP Moves Australasia (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Robert Hylton, PoP Moves UK (Coventry University, UK)
  • Lily Kind, PoP Moves UK (De Montfort, UK)
  • Dr Lucas Marie, PoP Moves Australasia (Curtin University & University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Jacqueline Melindy, PoP Moves Americas (York University, Canada)
  • Francesca Miles, PoP Moves Francophonie (University of Roehampton Alumna, UK)
  • Jason Noer, PoP Moves Americas (Macalester College and University of Minnesota)
  • Dr. Camille Paillet, PoP Moves Francophonie (Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis, Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle)
  • Dr. Danielle Robinson, PoP Moves Americas (York University, Toronto, Canada)
  • Dr. Cristina Rosa, PoP Moves UK (University of Roehampton, UK)
  • Karen Schupp, PoP Moves Americas (Arizona State University, US)
  • Lillian Shaddick, PoP Moves Australasia (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Eulanda Shead-Osagiede, PoP Moves UK (University of Roehampton Alumna, UK)
  • Dr. Anamaria Tamayo-Duque, PoP Moves Americas (University of Antioquia, Colombia)
  • Roger Wiblin, PoP Moves Americas (Georgia State University, US)
  • Dr. Mary Fogarty, PoP Moves Americas (York University, Canada)

Prof. Theresa Buckland, Professor of Dance History and Ethnography, University of Roehampton.