<span style="font-weight:bold!important;">Chair of PoP Moves Americas</span><BR> <a href="https://www.elizabethjunebergman.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Dr. Elizabeth Bergman</a>, Arizona State University.

Chair of PoP Moves Americas
Dr. Elizabeth Bergman, Temple University, US

Secretary of PoP Moves Americas
Jacqueline Melindy, York University, Canada

A North American node of PoP Moves was created in 2015 and included two founding members of the UK node, Sherril Dodds and Mary Fogarty. Sherril Dodds chaired the committee from 2015-2016 and Mary Fogarty has been chairing the committee from August 2016 until the present. In 2019, this chapter became PoP Moves Americas to broaden the geographic and conceptual scope. PoP Moves Americas has hosted numerous graduate symposium days in collaboration with York University’s Department of Dance in Toronto and has also partnered with IASPM-Canada for an annual conference.

If you are interested to become a part of the committee or a member of PoP Moves at large, please contact americasnode@popmoves.com