We are now a Community Interest Company (CIC)!

We have really exciting news! After years of discussion and months of work, PoPMoves is now registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This means we can now operate as a legal entity and develop a model that is financially sustainable in the long […]

Thank you, Clare.

As Clare Parfitt transitions out of the role, we reflect on her tenure as Chair of the UK node. Clare has been central to the development of PoP Moves from its inception as Popular Dance and Music Matters in 2007. Following a longstanding role […]

Looking forward from within the pandemic

Dear PoP Movers, The global pandemic has affected us all in a myriad of ways, and we are aware that those of you who learn, perform, teach and produce popular dance will have been affected deeply by lockdown and social distancing protocols. I would […]

Conference speaker on screen

Addressing (Im)mobilities

This is a sub-call within the main call for papers for the 2018 PoP Moves conference. The deadline, contact details and other instructions for the main call for papers apply to the sub-call, unless stated otherwise below. Please scroll down for the French version.Veuillez […]

A dancer performing a hip-hop freeze

Late Learning In Popular Dance

I turned 49 two days ago and in many ways I feel nothing like a 49-year old. Yet I’ve started learning a new dance form and it makes me feel distinctly middle-aged.

We are stronger together…

In this blog I seek to open up questions about the process of researching and writing about popular dances. In particular, I encourage the reader to {re}consider the role of the writer, the personal, and the associated paradigms of authority, objectivity, authenticity, inclusion and […]

Popular Dance Education and “The Fits”

I just read a review of a new dance film called The Fits, that is a lovely departure from  what we have come to expect from North American dance films in recent decades. Not only does it center around a young African American girl’s […]

Spouting plant

Dance as ‘care of the self’ in the academy

At the ‘PoP Moves Seedbed: Dancing Methodologies’ symposium on Saturday I had a 90-minute curated conversation with Kélina Gotman (Kings College London) about historical methodologies in popular dance research.  Our conversation ranged across the materiality of archival documents, the partiality of ‘the archive’, expertise […]

“Demimondes and Dance Worlds,” Julie Malnig

I am teaching a course this semester, for the second time, called Demimondes and Dance Worlds, a team-taught, graduate-level course with Professor Deborah Kapchan. She teaches in the Dept. of Performance Studies and I in the Gallatin School at NYU, This social-dance based seminar […]

Afro dance

Dancing the Francophone Postcolony on YouTube

This semester I am teaching a course called Dance in Global Contexts, a general education class for non-majors. In the first week I tried to introduce some of the larger ideas and skill sets that will carry out through the term. We talked particularly […]

She Is Cuba: A Genealogy of the Mulata Body — November 2015

PoP Moves member Dr Melissa Blanco Borelli’s new book She is Cuba: A Genealogy of the Mulata Body (Oxford University Press)  is scheduled for release on 7 November 2015. Here is what you will read on its back cover. “This triumphant offering invigorates dance scholarship […]