This page contains links to videos from the  ‘Blast from the Past: Histories and Memories in Popular Performance’  PoP Moves conference. The conference was held at University of Chichester on the 13th October 2012.

We have two video sharing websites:

PoP Moves Youtube page
PoP Moves Vimeo Page

Phakamas Jirajarupat – Seri Wangnaitham’s Phuchanasibtid: From Popular Performance to the Modernization of Thai Performing Arts.

Kaitlyn Regehr – History Re-VAMPED: ’50s Show Girls in a Neo-Burlesque World.

Kaitlyn Regehr ‘History Re-VAMPED: ’50s Show Girls in a Neo-Burlesque World’

Sally Crawford – Sharing the Past and Performing the Present: the Evolving Traditions of English Tap Jams.

Sherril Dodds – Critical Histories: The Personal and Political of the Popular

Sherril Dodds ‘Critical Histories: The Personal and the Political of the Popular’